Hocus Pocus, I Need to Focus…

So, since my last post, I’ve done a few things. Mainly I’ve tried to keep off Twitter. Well, sort of. I have actually done a bit of writing. I just submitted my 100-word flash fiction to http://boxingwithpencils.com/. I do this every week and its quite cathartic (read the entries on there, and you’ll see what I mean… this week’s is called Gobble Dee Gobble Dee Die!) The first entry I posted won the comp (it’s called ‘Poppy Cock Action’) and my second entry got an honorary mention of ‘Most insane scene’ 🙂 It’s called ‘Automobiles or Whatever’. Note: these are the competition titles, the stories are written in the comments fields on the pages, they don’t have titles, they just have to use the theme and 3 words supplied and they must be 100 words or less. There’s a $5 prize for the winner too…

In other news – I sent a competition entry to http://www.fivestopstory.com called ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ its a ghost story, and a bit of an homage to Joe Hill’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ (but clearly in no way as brilliant…): http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0575081864

I also read one of the entries to NYC Midnight posted by one of my new twitter writer friends and quite frankly, it is so good that I would be shocked if she didn’t go through to the final. It is called ‘The Dispossessed’  by LJ McMenemy. I hope she won’t mind me posting it here:  http://ljmcmenemy.com/?page_id=143

I’ve also been writing notes for my NaNoWriMo novel, which I think might be ok, as I have lots of threads to work with, but I am a bit concerned that I will draw a complete blank when I sit down to start writing on 1st November… So many people are doing it and blogging about it and tweeting about it, I am too easily distracted… I think I need to stay off the net as much as I possibly can!

Oh, and I’m still waiting to hear back from Fractured West about a flash fiction piece I sent them.

That’s it. I think.

P.S. No it isn’t. I also wrote some notes for the winter Toasted Cheese comp (http://tclj.toasted-cheese.com/) – I want to write it now, but I think I need to get NaNo and my other list of stuff out of the way first… focus…

P.P.S. Don’t let me forget about ‘Tournesol’ and ‘Bag Lady’…

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