NaNoWriMo… Here we go!

Just a quick update on this evening’s activities…

My new boxingwithpencils entry is added on the right (Flip Flop Ice Skates). I think it’s better than last week’s – that was WAY too dark, even for me. In my defence I wrote it quite late last night :-/

Twitter found me another new writing market today: They are brand new and taking submissions for their very first issue, deadline is 5th December, but as I already had something half formed, I finished it and sent it off. Fingers crossed they like it, but if not, I’ll try again for the next issue. Rejections don’t phase me (at the moment, at least). The piece I sent was a flash fiction called ‘A Day in the Life of a Phone Canvasser’ and it was inspired by old people who talk too much… 😉

I made a lot of notes for NaNoWriMo. I got all my characters names, ages and occupations. I always struggle with names so I used an online name generator and also looked at some street names on a local map – it worked pretty well. I also thought up the MOs for the serial killers (yes, plural) in my novel. Sometimes I fear for my own sanity, and I’m sure the postman does too: the other day I got two books from Amazon: ‘The Serial Killer Files’ by Harold Schechter and ‘Without Conscience’ by Robert D. Hare. They’re really going to really mess up my ‘recommended for you’ section…

Must finish my notes now as it’s just over an hour until I am allowed to write my first NaNoWriMo word… clock’s ticking.

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