Radiance #fivesentencefiction

Yet another fabulous flash fiction challenge that I can’t resist! Thanks to @LupusAnthropos for alerting me to this one. I also stole your intro, hope that’s ok 🙂

#FiveSentenceFiction is a weekly flash-fiction event hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  She provides a prompt and participants post five-sentence stories – inspired by the prompt in some way – on their blogs.  This week’s prompt is “radiance” and here is my story:

The Depth of Beauty

She pours the cream onto her palm and rubs her hands together gently, warming it up. She smears it over her face, upwards from her neck to her chin, then onto her cheeks and finally across her smooth forehead, taking care to avoid the delicate skin around her unlined eyes. She looks down at the child sobbing quietly on the floor, lying with his fear curled into the foetal position and a sad dark stain spreading slowly across his trousers. She knows she can’t control her vehemence; the sudden bursts of rage and anger that burn inside her like the sun’s scorching rays. But with her creams and her palms and her calming daily ritual, she can always control her radiance.

18 thoughts on “Radiance #fivesentencefiction

  1. Thanks Dionne. It does make me laugh that I could read the word ‘radiance’ and immediately think of something (someone) so grotesque… I’m (we’re) never gonna escape this Stephen King ‘darkness’ am I? Lol

  2. Hi Sif – I’ve never seen Mommy Dearest so have now ordered on Amazon! Plus I think I might read Flowers in The Attic again, I haven’t read it for about 20 years and I don’t think I read the others in the series… thanks! 🙂

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