Clandestine #fivesentencefiction

#FiveSentenceFiction is a weekly flash-fiction event hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  She provides a prompt and participants post five-sentence stories – inspired by the prompt in some way – on their blogs.  This week’s prompt is “clandestine” (supplied by Angela Goff)

Here’s my story:

She waited until his car had pulled out of the drive and disappeared down the road before she made the call. ‘It’s me… yes, he’s gone… not till 6, we’ve got hours… okay, see you soon… hurry,’ she said, breathlessly ending the call. She felt like an agent in one of those old black and white films, terrified of what else she might be capable of, given half a chance. She left the door off the latch and sat drinking tea as she waited for her brother-in-law to arrive. It was genius, really, using the veil of her husband’s surprise 30th birthday party as an opportunity to spend more time with her first love; his brother.

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