Exquisite #FiveSentenceFiction

#FiveSentenceFiction is a weekly flash-fiction event hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  She provides a prompt and participants post five-sentence stories inspired by the prompt in some way.

This week’s prompt is exquisite.

Her moves are hypnotic and I can’t stop watching her: the way she twists and twirls as she trails the long black feather down his cheek. She is well practised in her seduction, yet it feels real. He is mine and he knows I am watching him, watching them, and he tries not to respond but his body betrays him; a smile dances on her lips as she watches me, watching them. ‘Okay now,’ I say, ‘that’s enough for today.’ She tries again to smile but it turns into a sneer and I know then for sure that she knows that I know their secret.

7 thoughts on “Exquisite #FiveSentenceFiction

  1. Wow, 5 sentences? I’m impressed. My first attempt at a 500 word story blew out to 850, although I did manage to trim it back. I have trouble with a three sentence pitch, I don’t see 5 sentence stories in my future!

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