Once Upon A Time Writing Comp #ouatwriting

As you may or may not have heard, I am supporting this year’s inaugural National Flash Fiction Day which is being held on 16th May. It’s a UK celebration of flash fiction in all it’s forms, and has got the backing of some of the biggest names in short fiction, such as Vanessa Gebbie, Tania Hershman and many, many others – check out the writers page on the site. Thanks to the excellent organisational and persuasive skills of organiser Calum Kerr, we even have none other than Ali Smith on board, as a commissioned writer for the anthology (submissions open for UK writers to submit 150-500 words on a one word theme by 10th April).

But the day is not just for UK writers – we also have some great international writers involved, including a friend of mine and excellent organiser of flash fiction events… Anna Meade (check out her previous success at organising a competition here).

After being asked by Calum to organise an event, I immediately asked Anna if she’d liked to do something in collaboration, and the result is the Once Upon A Time writing competition  – whoohoo!

At present, we are still working out the finer details, so watch this space… Check out Anna’s twitter @ruanna3 and my twitter @sjiholliday and the hashtag that Anna has created: #ouatwriting.

Really excited about this – and really hoping you’ll get involved and enter!

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