Unexpected Fairytale by Matt Reilly #ouatwriting

This is Matt Reilly‘s entry for the Once Upon A Time Contest – so far the only one in rhyme 🙂

Once upon a time

When flash fix did rhyme

A tale did unfold

Needing to be told


This simple story’s

Not one of glories

But fighting what’s wrong

And just staying strong


No dragon awaits

Beyond castle gates

Our heroes won’t save

But they are still brave


A long road ahead

A hospital bed

This is a long quest

To fight for what’s best


The evil to kill

Requires a strong will

And strength to abide

The demon inside


For when cancer came

No-one was to blame

No sword was unsheathed

No object retrieved


Heroes are lucky

Strong-willed and plucky

Through treatment will stay

To fight a new day


And many do fight

By day and by night

In hope of mending

And happy ending.

Thanks Matt!

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6 thoughts on “Unexpected Fairytale by Matt Reilly #ouatwriting

  1. Thanks very much for your kind comments. It was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon’s work – much better than going out on the rain! If I’d have remembered to start writing this earlier, I’d have gone with prose, but my lack of forward planning was the main reason for writing rhyme – I’m much quicker at making words rhyme than not (don’t quite know why!).

  2. Oh cancer, you are a bastard!
    I truly enjoyed your poem, and its hopefulness.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Great poem, Matt. I love that you did this in rhyme! Beautiful hope.

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