Whoohoo – It’s Halloween and HORROR FACTORY is here!

The excellent cover was designed by Nathanael Scott and the collection is edited by Liam José at The Crime Factory.

I’m so excited that my story was accepted for this special 🙂

You can read a a bit about it below, and you can download/buy a paper copy at The Crime Factory website. I can’t wait to read the other stories, I think this is gonna be a good one!

Oh, and make sure you read my bio in there too, it’s horror themed…

The Outhouse: Blurb

Shelley Kane bypassed the usual trappings of a woman in her 40s: husband, job, kids. Instead she’s a full-time carer to her divorced and embittered mother, Betty – who told her long ago that she was no use to anyone except her… and the years of verbal and physical abuse have left Shelley believing just that. Until one day, when preparing one of Betty’s regular mid-afternoon G&Ts, Shelley snaps…

But Betty is not a woman to be silenced – living or dead.


You can read THE OUTHOUSE in Crime Factory’s ‘Horror Factory’ Special, released on 31st October 2012, here:

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