What the Dickens? Magazine Needs YOU

You may or may not know that I am now a regular contributor to the gorgeous What the Dickens? Magazine, a bi-monthly publication full of writing, arts, music and lots of other lovely creative things… the founders of this magazine have done a fantastic job so far, publishing the magazine online via Issuu and also on kindle, but it’s their dream and it’s my dream to see the magazine in print… We’re all ‘struggling artists’, we all know what it’s like, and I hate to beg – but if you could just have a little look at this video and read about what the team want to achieve, you might just be able to find a few pennies to help us out… And you don’t need to be completely altruistic about it either – submissions for Issue 8: Heroes and Idols, close on 15th November… so wouldn’t you love to send us something and see your name in a lovely printed magazine? 🙂

***CLICK HERE for the crowd-funding info page***