Dead Gone by Luca Veste #review #interview

51Hc5Oys-CL._This week sees the publication of Luca Veste‘s debut crime thriller – DEAD GONE. Luca has been a well known ‘face’ in the crime writing community for the last few years and I confirm that he is a top bloke who has worked bloody hard to get here – championing fellow writers in his OFF THE RECORD charity anthologies, blogging and encouraging others… and now it’s his time to shine 🙂


A snippet of my review: “The story opens with ‘Experiment 2’ and an un-named girl locked in the dark… Which begs the obvious question, what was Experiment 1? … Set in Liverpool, we are thrown into the world of a twisted serial killer who is performing sick psychological experiments, leaving the police with gloating letters and a spattering of cryptic clues…”

You can read the full review of DEAD GONE over at Shots Mag: here

…and I probed him with some interview questions too [here’s a taster]

SJI: I read recently that you started Dead Gone after hearing a lecture about Dr Harry Harlow’s experiments – can you tell us a bit more about your influences?

LV: Well, that lecture was a major influence on the idea for the serial killer in Dead Gone. It was supposed to be a jokey aside type of thing, with the lecturer giving us examples of past psychology experiments that would never pass an ethics board now. Almost all of them involved animals, and I instantly thought “what would happen if you did that to humans instead…?” which I admit is a pretty weird thing to occur to someone! The Harlow experiments are some of the worst imaginable acts to commit on humans in the name of research – especially those concerning isolation – but they are fascinating studies.

You can read the full interview here

and you can buy DEAD GONE on eBook now (paperback will be released in January 2014).

Best of luck, Luca!