Ding Ding – Round 2

First of all – Happy New Year to all my readers, followers and those who have stumbled across this by accident and have no idea what I’m going on about 😉

As you may remember, 2013 was a pretty big year for me, what with me getting an agent, finishing my first novel and sending that novel out to publishers for their consideration…

How’s all that going? I hear you ask.

Well… so far, there’s been a fair bit of this:

Which is a bit like getting kicked in the teeth over and over again, no matter how many nice things they have to say about your writing… especially when several of them ummed and ahhed and said that even though it wasn’t quite right for them, they were sure it would be right for someone else… a bit like in The Voice…

when nobody turns round because they all think one of the others is going to…


But there was also quite a bit of this:

“Ohhhhh so close, but we’re not sure about this bit or that bit…” etc etc.

I did a bit of a rewrite for one editor, but it still didn’t work for them – so I decided that this wasn’t really the way to go. I could do that forever and still never get it how they wanted it.

Eventually, I had to make a decision… try to address what wasn’t working with the plot, or write something else… and considering the amount of work my lovely agent (who has unwavering faith in me and puts up with my stream of self-doubting emails…) had already put into trying to find my novel a home, and not wanting to throw in the towel too early, I decided to try and fix it. After all, the feedback on the strength of my writing was unanimous – the concerns were with certain elements of the plot… but the problem was, most of the feedback was contradictory. So I decided to get an editorial report from an independent editor, one who I knew was an expert in my genre. Which led to this…

The report was excellent. It made me fall in love with my book again; made me realise it really was worth working on. It highlighted a couple of big issues (and lots of smaller ones, but the trick is to use the report in the best way for yourself) and after discussion with my agent we decided on two key changes… adding some ’emotional intensity’ to my main character, who had a tendency to be overly cold and detached, thus not giving the reader a character to root for, and making the ending less complicated by spreading out the reveals and removing unnecessary strands (okay, maybe that’s three things…)

Anyway… that’s what I did in December, and in early Jan (the deadline I had set myself) I sent it back to my agent. I should hear his thoughts next week. After that, we decide on where to send it next…

Wish me luck!

9 thoughts on “Ding Ding – Round 2

  1. This is very similar to what I went through with An Unfamiliar – so frustrating! It is great that your agent is willing to work with you though. He sounds great. Wishing you the very best of luck, Susi. Your time is coming – I can feel it:)

    1. Thanks Jane! Yes, without him I would have given up long ago. I just hope he likes the changes. I think it has made it better as a whole, so hopefully he will think the same! Not sure I can make more changes now without starting from scratch… I love your optimism xx

  2. Wow, so much work you are putting into it…make me hesitate with mine! LOL I am confident you will find the right place for it though, cuz you are an awesome writer and the world needs to know this! 😉 Glad you got your second wind, and tons of luck!

    1. Don’t be put off, Miranda! I think if you want to be traditionally published (as we both do!) then it’s hard work… but it will be very worth it in the end! Thank you so much for your support – I really appreciate it xx

    1. Thanks Rebecca! I have been thinking about writing this post for ages, not sure if it was the right thing to do… but I thought my experiences might help others (or it might just put them off!!) x

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