STOP PRESS: Bullet Gal by Andrez Bergen

Bullet Gal is a loving homage to hardboiled noir, detective stories, and pulp fiction produced in the first half of the 20th century…

Under Belly Comics has a Kickstarter running at the moment for the 12-issue series of Andrez Bergen’s BULLET GAL.

Andrez says: “The video clip they created for the campaign is worth the price of admission alone – which, anyway, is free to take a peek. It’s like John Huston grappling Robert Rodriguez’s visual excesses; Raymond Chandler indulging in bar room script-writing fisticuffs with Philip K. Dick. They even conspired to make my art look good.. and we have a cover painting from NIAGARA DETROIT! Wow. Am chuffed.”

And I’m chuffed to share this… Andrez is a great writer and artist and he’s always doing different things – I love to see someone refusing to be typecast! Click on the image and check out the link to learn loads more about the author and the series. Looks bloody good to me! 🙂

[Andrez previously shared a brilliant blog post on point-of-view with me – take a look HERE]

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