21 days to go…

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 13.18.48I can barely sleep. I am suffering from nausea, shaking and abject terror. The fear has struck! And no, it’s not a side-effect of doing dry January (note: I didn’t do dry January… everything in moderation. Except at book launches.)

Yes, the time has come, well, almost. The eBook of BLACK WOOD comes out in 21 days. TWENTY ONE DAYS. 504 hours. Less, actually, as anyone who has pre-ordered on Amazon will get the book auto-delivered at 00:00… in under 492 hours.

The palpitations have started.

Please send calming thoughts.

2 thoughts on “21 days to go…

  1. Think about other stuff you have had out there, and the positive response it has received. Remind yourself that you have had other writing out there, even published in anthologies and ebooks! This is not your first writing to be published – you survived (yes, yes, sshhhhh to the voice that says, yes, but this is a BOOK, my novel!). You will survive this! It’s going to be okay! Everyone is going to love it. Consider the controversial nature of my WIP, and how it could upset people, or particular groups of people – then feel better!! I know it’s terrifying, but it is still a while yet. And consider you might actually end up disappointed, all the initial excitement, the reviews and then it dies down to a normal every day hubbub! You’ll wonder what you were so scared about! LOL 😉

    (hope that helps and that nothing I said was offensive. I feel for you I do. Why do you think I’m a world class procrastinator? 😉 )

  2. Stay Calm and Celebrate! Celebrate the great achievement of having your novel published, Miranda Kate is right, your work is out there and wonderful. Blackwood will be as well, so breathe in deeply (breathe out too!) and enjoy the moment. Don’t drown in the flood of positive reviews that will surely come your way!

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