Susi Qs – Week 2 – Gerard Brennan

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog series – Susi Qs – where I will be quizzing some of your favourite crime fiction authors, in the style of the Smash Hits Biscuit Tin. For those of you unfamiliar/too young – this involved a celebrity choosing some very random questions from a biscuit tin. I’m using a virtual tin (let’s imagine it was one like this…), and instead of a celeb, I’ve got an author…

This week’s guest is Gerard Brennan – an obscenely obscure author of Northern Irish noir. His latest novel, Shot, introduces his new series character, Shannon McNulty. She’s cool AF.

So, without further ado – let’s find out more about Gerard…

Have you ever heard voices in your head?

Yes, 100% But they’re usually quite encouraging and supportive. “One more whiskey, Gerard,” they say. “You can handle it, you manly man, you.”

What is your most unrealistic ambition?

To live to 120 years old, only to be shot dead by a jealous husband.

Which actor do you fancy the most?

It used to be Gillian Anderson, but then she played Maggie Thatcher and I can’t get over the betrayal. So now I’m setting my sights on Elisabeth Moss fro The Handmaid’s Tale.

Who’s your favourite cartoon character?

Jessica Rabbit. Because of her singing voice. Ahem.

What is the most annoying thing?

Working for a living. I’m an artist. Where is my wealthy patron?

What was your first gig?

I did a brief modelling stint when I was 4. They dressed me up in a tux and I played a ring boy in a wedding party. I think I fell off the raised catwalk, but I can’t be sure. It was a long time ago.

When did you last sleepwalk?

I don’t sleepwalk. Sometimes I do Kung Fu in my sleep, though. And once my wife thought I was hugging her, but I was practicing a chokehold.

Have you ever written a fan letter?

No. I don’t like going to the post office. And most celebrities are wankers.

Are you any good at potato sculptures?

Do chips count as potato sculptures? I carve a terrific chip.

Which dead celebrity do you wish was still alive?

Your wee man who played Mr Myagi. Imagine how good he would have been in Cobra Kai.

* * *

Thank you, Gerard. This was extremely enlightening 🙂


Find him on Twitter @GerardBrennan