Book Deal News!

I’m very excited to announce that I have just signed another two book deal with Thomas & Mercer!

The first, The Hike, will be released in spring/summer 2022. It’s about four friends (two couples) who head out for what should be a fun hike in the French Alps on a lovely summer’s day – but as you might expect, things don’t quite go to plan and not all of them make it back down the mountain…

The second, Neighbourhood Watch, will be released early 2023. This one is set in a picturesque new neighbourhood, where nothing is as it seems…

Huge thanks to my brilliant agent Phil Patterson at Marjacq Scripts for sealing the deal with my fab new editor Victoria Haslam.

But if you can’t wait until 2022, you can pre-order my upcoming book, Substitute, which will be out in August this year (bloggers and reviewers, please get in touch HERE!)… and if you can’t even wait that long, you can read my latest book, The Last Resort, right now (or if you’ve never read any of my books, there are another seven that came before that!)

I’ve got a book deal!

I went through various titles for this post. From the businesslike ‘Announcement: Book Deal’ to the mass-overuse of exclamation marks and swearing. In the end, I settled on the simple ‘I’ve got a book deal!’ which is basically all I’m going to be saying to anyone I bump into for the foreseeable future. Sorry.

I’m  delighted to announce that my debut novel BLACK WOOD will be published by Black and White in Spring/Summer 2015.

Here’s the link to the official trade announcement in The Bookseller.

THANKS (a billion) to my fantastic agent, Phil Paterson at Marjacq, for sticking by me, despite my constant ‘are we nearly there yet?’ badgering over the last few months. As he may have now realised, I am not very patient 😉

I’ll bore you with more details on ‘my path to publication’ soon… but in the meantime, thank you to EVERYONE who’s supported me along the way.

Anyway, I thought this song was apt. Sing it with me… ‘Holiday… Celebrate…’

P.S. I’ve also just joined the Society of Authors and the Crime Writers’ Association… Can I call myself an author now?