Susi Qs – Week 7 – Caroline Green

Hello and welcome (again) to my blog series – Susi Qs – where I will be quizzing some of your favourite crime fiction authors, in the style of the Smash Hits Biscuit Tin. For those of you unfamiliar/too young – this involved a celebrity choosing some very random questions from a biscuit tin. I’m using a virtual tin (let’s imagine it was one like this one below, full of my own favourite biscuits…), and instead of a celeb, I’ve got an author… Oh, and this will be the last week that I do a banner at the top or share a picture of a biscuit tin. I know, I’m gutted too, but in the interests of time, I’m going to focus on the questions and answers, because how many times can that ‘sick’ question randomly appear anyway? Answers on a postcard!

This week’s guest is Caroline Green, aka Cass Green and CS Green (yes, I’m sure her favourite colour is green…) – her debut adult novel The Woman Next Door was a Number 1 e-book bestseller and In A Cottage, In A Wood was a Sunday Times top ten and USA Today bestseller. She is also an award-winning author of fiction for young people. Sleep Tight is the start of a genre-busting crime series for adults. She is also Writer in Residence at East Barnet School, and teaches for City University and Writers and Artist’s Yearbook.

So, without further ado – let’s find out what Ms Green would like to share with us…

Who was your first crush?

Richard Hatch in The Streets of San Francisco. Me and my best friend loved him so much, we wrote some fan fiction about him and showed it to her much older brother for feedback. Let’s say it was the first of many crushing literary rejections.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A zoo keeper, then a ballet dancer. The latter was a particularly high ambition, considering I was and remain the clumsiest person in any room.

Who’s your favourite cartoon character?

It’s a toss-up between Baloo in The Jungle Book and Top Cat. Both have a jazzy swagger I’d love to possess.

Did you like school?

No. No. No. Have you got room for me to write ‘no’ a few hundred more times? I went to a school where there were quite a few scary people and I spent a lot of time gibbering in terror and fearing for my life.

Is there life on other planets?

Definitely. How could there not be? The only problem is how we would ever get to meet them. But they are definitely OUT THERE. *cue X Files music*

Have you ever had your fortune told?

A ‘friend’ who claimed to be good at these things once ‘read’ my palm. She visibly paled and then clammed up and wouldn’t tell me what she supposedly saw there. So that was nice.

Why are coconuts so difficult to open?

They are a dream in comparison to the sellotape roll that almost reduced me to tears recently and much more satisfying to smash into the wall in frustration.

Do you prefer buttons or zips?

Buttons, but only if they are made of chocolate.

Have you ever written a fan letter?

As a little girl I wrote to the author of the Paddington books, Michael Bond, because I was obsessed with the books. I quite often write gushing messages to authors these days, so not much has changed.

Where’s the worst place you’ve been sick?

All I’m prepared to say about this is that whoever that woman was at the Leadmill Club in Sheffield in 1987 I am truly sorry and have thought about you ever since.

* * *

Thank you, Caroline. I know the full story about the Leadmill Club and I feel the need to apologise too…


Find her on Twitter @CarolineSGreen