Juggling all the balls

I recently became a fully fledged member of Murderers’ Row. What’s that? Well, it’s a group of ten ITW authors who write blog posts about writing stuff, with the idea that its meant to help others but actually the writing of them helps to crystalise your own thoughts (in my case, anyway!)

My first regular post for The Thrill Begins, is about social media and how it can take over your life. You can read it here, and if you like, you can let me know what you think in the comments. The latest post on there is another life lesson, this time from Mark Pryor, on the truth about time management. Mark’s post is the first in a series called “THE TOUGH TIMES (and how I wrote through them)” – look out for a new post every Thursday, until 27th July.

LIFE UPDATE – I took a short social media break and yet I’m still trying to do a million things at once… so many things, that I decided to delete the to do list from this post because it scared me. But for anyone who saw it, all I’ve managed to do so far is unbox the futon and watch two episodes of Holby… *sigh* (OK, OK, I did a few other things too, like reading THIS AMAZING BOOK)

P.S. In case you missed it, you can win £200 of crime books and DVDs by voting for your favourite crime books/authors/characters here… #justsayin 😉

Scary Book Covers, Scott & Bailey & Killer Cupcakes

Tonight I met someone with possibly the best job in the whole world. This person was a lovely lady called Claire Ward, who is in fact the Creative Director at Transworld books, and is responsible for the likes of these little beauties:

Claire designed the creepiest cover of the year so far  – Mo Hayder’s Poppet. I really want to take the day off work tomorrow and read this book from start to finish! I’m a massive fan of Mo and with this being the latest in the Jack Caffrey series, I am just itching to read it… but NO, I can’t… as I have far too many other things to do first 😦

I’ve just got back from the Transworld/Dead Good ‘Crime Scene’ event, where I met the brilliant Cath Staincliffe and heard her talk about how she ended up writing the Scott & Bailey novels, a spin-off from the TV series. It was interesting to hear about her experiences about writing with someone else’s characters, and the differences between writing for TV versus novels. It was also interesting to hear that her earliest works were in the genre of ‘feminist sci-fi… whodunnits in space’. Oh to read one of those old manuscripts! Cath very kindly signed my copy of Bleed Like Me… and that’s another one I can’t wait to get started on!

As well as books, the fab folks at Transworld also supplied us with these gorgeous cupcakes… there was a third one with sugar ‘glass’ on top…

…leading to a discussion about ‘what would happen if someone put real glass inside them?’ You know you’re with like-minded types when this is what you discuss over houmous, falafels and a couple of glasses of wine 😉

It was great to catch up with Mike and Ayo from Shots Mag and I got to meet loads of very nice people from the Transworld crew as well as lots of other bloggers and readers, and also the rather charming journalist Jake Kerridge.

And so, complete with advice on finishing my novel from both Cath Staincliffe and Rachel Rayner, I’ll leave you now with one final photo… The Transworld Clock (with Dan Brown at midnight!)

Huge thanks to all at Transworld for organsing the event and for being kind enough to invite me! Thanks a million for the bag of books, the killer cupcakes, fantastic lebanese food and the AMAZING syringe pen!