Susi Qs – Week 24 – C.D. Major

This week’s lovely guest, C. D. Major, writes suspenseful books inspired by events in the recent past. Cesca worked in television and teaching before writing full time. Alongside her thrillers she writes feel-good reads under the pseudonym Rosie Blake. She teaches creative writing and vlogs writing tips over on her website She seems to have forgotten to mention her HUGE BOOK NEWS though… find out more about that HERE.

Over to you, Cesca…

What is the most annoying thing?

My children chucking my food on the floor telling me it’s “disgusting” two minutes after eating a live snail/broken pottery/a leaf.

Do you have any weird habits?

I literally cannot make the train I want. Ever.

Do you worry about swallowing spiders in your sleep?

YES this is a legitimate concern. Isn’t it like a spider every 6 minutes or something?

Have you ever heard voices in your head?

Don’t all writers? Is this not a normal thing?

If you were a kangaroo, what would you keep in your pouch?

My joey and Haribo Sour Sparks.

Do you find it hard to take criticism?

No! Actually quite the opposite – I struggle to believe compliments.

Would you rather have four arms or four legs?

Arms for writing/hugging/not looking like a spider.

Have you ever written a fan letter?

I love Jilly Cooper and have sent her mail. And presents.

Who’s your favourite cartoon character?

The entire cast of Disney’s most under-rated and bestest movie ever – THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE

What is your most unrealistic ambition?

Being a country and western singer because I’m not from the Deep South and I can’t sing. Gutted.

* * *

* * *

If you want to know more about Cesca, you can find her on twitter @CescaMajor. Her books can be purchased HERE.