Susi Qs – Week 3 – Roz Watkins

Hello and welcome to my blog series – Susi Qs – where I will be quizzing some of your favourite crime fiction authors, in the style of the Smash Hits Biscuit Tin. For those of you unfamiliar/too young – this involved a celebrity choosing some very random questions from a biscuit tin. I’m using a virtual tin (let’s imagine it was one like this…), and instead of a celeb, I’ve got an author…

This week’s guest is Roz Watkins – author of the acclaimed DI Meg Dalton crime series set in the Peak District. ‘The Devil’s Dice’ was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award and was the Times crime book of the month. Roz lives in the Peak District with a menagerie of demanding animals.

So, without further ado – let’s dissect Roz’s brain…

Would you rather have no forks or no plates?

I’ll go for no forks because our tables are usually covered in cat hair and in fact cats, so I would probably die of a horrible disease if I tried to go plate-less.

Do you pair your socks?

I do! Despite the above answer about cats and plates, I’m not actually feral. I have a complex system for reuniting single socks with their pair, but it’s too tedious to go into.

What’s the last book you read?

An excellent book which comes out later this year – ‘Two Wrongs’ by Mel McGrath.

What were you in a previous life?

I like to think I was something feline and graceful like a snow leopard, but I was probably a frog.

Are you any good at potato sculptures?

Yes, provided it is a sculpture of something potato-shaped.

Why are coconuts so difficult to open?

They are actually quite easy if you smash them over your partner’s head after too many hours together in lockdown.

Have you ever broken a bone?

I thought I was a high achiever here until I read Craig’s answer of 14! I’ve done four arms (not all at the same time) and one leg. The most impressive was two arms (at the same time) from falling off a horse. The least impressive was one arm falling from my neighbour’s window when drunk because it was too dark to go out the front door and round to my house, and I decided out of the kitchen window and through the garden was a much better idea. It wasn’t.

What was your favourite toy?

I was one those hideous children who operated on her dolls, dismembering and decapitating them, so basically anything human that could be experimented on was good.

What is your most unrealistic ambition?

I’d love to be a gymnast. (See ‘frog in a past life’ answer above.)

Do you find it hard to take criticism?

Well, I don’t read my bad reviews so take that as you will.

* * *

Thank you, Roz. Why am I not surprised that you enjoyed dismembering dolls? 😉


Find her on Twitter @RozWatkins