Susi Qs – Week 36 – Chris McDonald

This week’s guest is the very prolific and very funny Chris McDonald! Chris grew up in Northern Ireland before settling in Manchester via Lancaster and London. He is the author the DI Erika Piper series A Wash of Black, Whispers In The Dark and Roses for the Dead. He has also recently dabbled in writing cosy crimes, in the shape of The Stonebridge Mysteries, as a remedy for the darkness. He is a full time teacher, husband, father to two beautiful girls and a regular voice on The Blood Brothers Podcast. He is a fan of 5-a-side football, heavy metal and dogs.

Let’s hear it, Chris…

What was your favourite toy?

I’m a slave to Sony. I’ve had every PlayStation since it’s conception and almost exclusively play FIFA (which I am shit hot at!). If anyone fancies a game, do let me know. I’m very happy to embarrass someone. 

Where was your best holiday?

We went to Lake Garda for our honeymoon. Our hotel was right on the water, the little town was bordered by mountains and it was stunning. We paddleboarded (I couldn’t stand up), canoed, kayaked and ate a lot of pizza. We did day trips to Venice and Verona and had a smashing time. The best bit, though, was discovering Coke came in 500ml CANS!!! Why aren’t they sold here?!

Who was your first crush?

Probably Jet from Gladiators. 

What’s your favourite joke?

Q: What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

A: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

My actual favourite joke is rather crude, but if anyone wants to hear it, do let me know!

What’s your favourite kitchen appliance?

My initial response was the toaster. It’s a work of art. But, without the fridge, you couldn’t keep the butter cool, rendering toast useless. Also, chocolate from the fridge is the only way to eat the stuff, so I’ll go for the fridge. I’m learning lots about myself. 

Who’s your favourite cartoon character?

Probably Homer Simpson. The Simpsons has long gone off the boil, but back in the day it was genius. I still say things now that Homer said 20 years ago like ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders.’

What’s your most unrealistic ambition?

To write full time or to go to space. Both are never gonna happen!

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

I have one pair of trainers, one pair of Astro turf footie boots, one pair of wellies, a pair of converse where the sole has come away from the rest of the shoe but I can’t bear to part with, and a pair of wellies. I wear my only pair of trainers to death and then wonder why they don’t last that long. 

Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes. I was having a water fight with some friends and I ran into some bricks. My little toe immediately crumpled. We went to watch The Mummy Returns afterwards and I had to leave as the pain was making me feel sick… or that was the excuse I gave anyway! 

What’s the most annoying thing?

I’ve been on this campaign for years and I’ve finally got an audience. The most annoying thing, BAR NONE, is how Ben Shepherd talks to the machine on Tipping Point like it’s a person. I know he’s trying to polite, but it’s an inanimate object. You don’t need to say please every time. Makes my blood boil.

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If you want to know more about Chris, you can find him on twitter @cmacwritescrime. His books can be purchased HERE.