Seven strangers. Seven secrets. One perfect crime.

When Amelia is invited to an all-expenses-paid retreat on a private island, the mysterious offer is too good to refuse. Along with six other strangers, she’s told they’re here to test a brand-new product for Timeo Technologies. But the guests’ excitement soon turns to terror when the real reason for their summons becomes clear.

Each guest has a guilty secret. And when they’re all forced to wear a memory-tracking device that reveals their dark and shameful deeds to their fellow guests, there’s no hiding from the past. This is no luxury retreat—it’s a trap they can’t get out of.

As the clock counts down to the lavish end-of-day party they’ve been promised, injuries and in-fighting split the group. But with no escape from the island—or the other guests’ most shocking secrets—Amelia begins to suspect that her only hope for survival is to be the last one standing.

Can she confront her own dark past to uncover the truth—before it’s too late to get out?

* * * * *

What people are saying about The Last Resort

The Last Resort offers plenty of well-written, hi-tech fun.’ —The Guardian

‘A spine-chilling, dystopian thriller with a totally engrossing storyline, The Last Resort is perfect for fans of Black Mirror and no-way-out novels.’ —Heat Magazine & Crime Monthly

‘A slightly mad but totally compelling (and twisted) thriller.’ – Fabulous Mag (The Sun on Sunday)

‘A twisty thriller that keeps you guessing until the last page.’ —Candis

‘Superb. A chilling island-set thriller for fans of Black Mirror and Agatha Christie.’ – Mark Edwards

 The Last Resort kept me guessing until the very end. A clever concept with some fascinating characters.’ – John Marrs

 And Then There Were None meets Black Mirror: a highly entertaining and imaginative read. It’s going to be huge.’ – Cass Green

‘A fresh, modern take on the classic locked room mystery! If Michael Crichton, JJ Abrams & the Black Mirror creators wrote a thriller together this would be it! Superb’ – Steph Broadribb

‘A deliciously dark mix of Agatha Christie and Black Mirror, with a plot that’s twisty and clever. One of the most original thrillers you’ll read this year.’ – Lisa Gray

‘The book Michael Crichton would be writing if he were alive today. It’s a classic thriller in a classic structure, but it’s made relevant and exciting by being not just a brilliantly written novel about the way guilt and longing rots the soul, but also by being about the world we stand on the edge of, and where our next steps might lead us.’ – Derek Farrell

What a trip! I love how Holliday writes, unafraid to mix genres, to go off the beaten track. And this is no exception. Here she mixes futuristic technology with a gang of generally unlikeable characters hiding some explosive pasts, and sets it all on a strange island during a weird game of Who Will Survive? Another ‘like nothing you’ve read’ thriller from one of my fave writers.’ – Louise Beech

 ‘My god, what a ride! Shades of Jurassic Park, Total Recall & Shutter Island, played out over a dystopian tech paradise-turned-hellscape where you can’t trust anyone – and least of all your own mind. Couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.’ –  Rod Reynolds

‘If Agatha Christie wrote science fiction you’d end up with a story like The Last Resort. Susi Holliday takes Black Mirror to a small, isolated island. Dark, compulsive, and just a little bit bonkers. Strap in and enjoy the ride.’ – Amanda Jennings

 ‘This is one of those novels you race through with sheer enjoyment, dying to know how it all pans out.  It’s her best yet – I couldn’t put it down’ – Louise Voss

 ‘Mixing your deepest desires with your darkest nightmares, The Last Resort deals in cutting edge technology and old school mystery. The pace is unrelenting and you’ll be gripped to the last page.’ – Rachael Blok

 ‘Chilling, shocking & evil. The Famous Five & Agatha Christie meet Black Mirror & Lost. I worry about what’s lurking inside that brilliant head!’ – Victoria Goldman